4 Cylinder FWD


Click here for a downloadable PDF: 2018 Four Cylinder Rules

2018 – Four Cylinder Rules

AREAS HIGHLIGHTED IN RED ARE CHANGES FOR THIS SEASON Variations from any specification or rule must be approved by the speedway tech officials.


2005 & older 4-cylinder front wheel drive vin # must remain for proof.

Cars will be less than 200 horsepower from the factory: no headers, no turbo, and engine must match car, no engine swaps.

Dot tires 60-65-70-75 series tires, front tires must match in size and rear tires must match in size. No drag race tires ex. Hoosier, American racer, Mickey Thompson.

6” wide wheels no bead locks (Bead lock on RF ONLY)

Stock suspension

Differentials may be locked

Batteries may be relocated but, must be anchored and covered.


Roll cage must be 6 point minimum with three driver side door bars and two passenger side door bars. Roll cage must be padded within drivers reach

Master kill switch must be within drivers reach for fuel and ignition. Kill switch must also be within reach for safety personnel and clearly marked.

All glass and plastic must be removed. Holes in firewall must be closed with metal.

Must have four wheel working breaks, no adjustable components

Must have metal skid plate under any plastic fuel tanks.

Must have Snell 2000 or newer rating on helmet, fire suit and harnesses must be in good condition, One way radios must be worn.

Fire proof shoes and gloves

No seat belts more than five years old


10 minute time limit on heat races. 30 time limit on features.