General Rules

Clinton County Motor Speedway General Rules

1. Clinton County Motor Speedway LLC or track officials reserve the right to reject

any car or driver without cause or recourse.

2. Everyone who enters the pit area, or participates in the race competition promoted

by Clinton County Motor Speedway does acknowledge, represent and warrant

that he/she has read and understands and agrees to abide by the rules in their


3. Clinton County Motor Speedway is a private business open to the public when an

admission fee is rendered.

4. You are expected to act in the manner prescribed by Clinton County Motor

Speedway and in accordance to all laws that govern the commonwealth of


5. When entering into an event he/she is not deemed an employee of the track.

Anyone who receives monies from Clinton County Motor Speedway will be

recognized as an independent contractor who will be responsible for all taxes

payable on any prize money or point fund. Anyone who receives monies from

working at the track will also be deemed an independent contractor responsible

for all taxes payable on that money. All independent contractors must submit a

W-9 tax form before any money will be paid.

6. Prize money will be mailed weekly following the previous race.

7. All car owners, drivers, team personnel or agents agree to permit Clinton County

Motor Speedway to use their names, photos and photos of the race car, for

advertising and publicity before and after any events and relinquish all rights to

any photos or sell the same.

8. Any patron entering the pit area will be charged a fee and receive a wristband that

must be applied immediately.

9. Any patron entering the pit area will sign an insurance waiver before entering the

pit area. Any person under the age of 18 years of age will be required to have a

parent or guardian sign a minor’s release.

10. Any patron entering the grand stands will also be charged a fee they will be given

a ticket and or hand stamp. Grand stand patrons will not be permitted to access the

pit area without purchasing a wrist band. Any patron found in the pit area without

a wrist band will be asked to return to the grand stand area or purchase a wrist


11. All patrons recognize that racing is a hazardous sport, and assume all the risks by

reason of his/her participation and does for himself/herself, executors and

administrators, successors, and assigns from any and all liability for personal

injuries that may be received and from all claims and damages for injury to

persons or property growing out of, caused by any construction or conditions of

any track equipment, cars or other devices used therefore, whatsoever.

12. Any injury obtained while at the track must be brought to the attention of track

officials and an incident report must be filled out within 48 hours of the accident.

13. Any red flag accident where the race car is damaged to the point that the car and

/or driver cannot return to the track and complete the race must report to the

ambulance for an evaluation.

14. Any racecars, vehicles wreckers, push trucks and any other equipment located in

the pit area or restricted areas are not covered by insurance.

15. No glass bottles permitted in any area of the track grounds.

16. No drinking of alcoholic beverages in the pit area by drivers or crew until the

events is completed.

17. Absolutely no illegal substances allowed at any time on any track grounds. If

any are found all persons involved will be asked to leave the property at


18. Each car must have a race receiver (one way radio) it must be in working order.

Before the race drivers will be randomly asked to respond to the track director

when summoned. If the racer does not respond after several attempts the driver

will be black flagged. This is a safety issue non compliance will not be tolerated.

19. Any and all fighting will not be tolerated on any part of the track grounds. If

fighting occurs persons involved will be asked to leave the premises. If a fight

occurs between drivers or crew all drivers and crews from each team will be

asked to leave the premises and disqualified from the race event.

20. All decisions made by track officials are final, no video tapes or pictures will be

used to overturn the decisions made by the track officials.

21. All race cars are subject to technical inspections at any time. Refusal to allow

technical inspection may result in disqualification and loss of points and prize

money from that event.

22. Rules are subject to change during the race season.