Adam Campbell Wins Feature And TJ Shooters Sports Bar Title At Clinton County Motor Speedway!

Lock Haven, PA- Adam Campbell left nothing to chance. After finishing runner-up last year to his father, the Danville, PA driver arrived early August 23 intending to win the Clinton County Motor Speedway 4 cylinder title. Campbell even brought along his dad’s racer as a back-up.

Normally the pair would have been competing against each other, but this night was different. A lingering health problem forced his father to take the night off, leaving Campbell alone to compete against Tim Raup and, the field in hope of winning the TJ Shooters Sports Bar title. One scenario would have allowed the pair to finish as co-champs. It didn’t happen.

One man’s fortune is another’s mis-fortune. Campbell ended up leading every lap to claim the win and title. Tim Raup, the driver Campbell had to beat, wheeled his racer into the second spot and most fans assumed the battle was on. It ended on lap three when Raup’s racer broke, forcing the fellow Danville racer to the pits, ending his night. The race resumed and ran non-stop. Campbell was trailed by Cody Stover at the finish line. John Bower was third with Maddox Smith fourth. Greg Brouse was fifth. Rounding out the field were Kevin Trimpey, Mike Brouse and, Raup. Not starting the event was Nick Gentile. Raup won the qualifier.

Campbell reflected following the event. ” I’m a mind racer, I’m usually beat.”, Campbell said , while speaking about race car preparation. ” It’s been a good race car. I don’t treat it as well as I should be.” Campbell spoke of returning to competition, in the class, after having left pro stock racing. ” I have to thank my Uncle Steve. (Campbell) He bought my dad and Tim Raup’s first car. My dad talked me into doing this after I left the pro stocks. It’s been fun.”, added the winner.

The Millers Automotive Machine pro stocks were finally able to run their Firecracker 20 pro stock feature with a nice field of racers in action. AJ Stroup of Richfield scored his second win of the season after battling the entire race with Clarkstown’s Ray Rothfuss.

Rothfuss started on the pole and led the first two laps before giving way to Stroup. The pair were the class of the field as Stroup won by 0.638 seconds at the finish. Noah Jensen was third, nearly 4.5 seconds behind. Tommy Dawson finished fourth with Nate Stroup fifth. Sixth through tenth were Wayne Shaffer, John Zayjac, Dan Condo, Brad Myers and, Rich Fye. Heat races for the 16 car field were won by AJ Stroup and Rothfuss.

Stroup spoke highly about his fellow competitors during post race ceremonies. ” There’s about four real good cars up here that are really competitive, starting with Noah Jensen. I’ve been watching. With soccer season and all, we’ll probably race most of the rest of the season up here. We had this car tore to pieces. We were trying to keep up to the Campbell cars at Selinsgrove, that’s tough.,” Stroup concluded.

Denny Rinehimer of Bloomsburg, won his second main event of the year during Weaver’s Radiator & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking micro sprint action. Visiting racer Skyler Granger of Longmont, Colorado started on the pole and, was passed by Skeetz Hockenbrock during the initial lap. Granger remained in the runner up spot until a rare caution for Lock Haven’s Jeff Weaver, on lap four, forced him to the pit area with mechanical problems. Weaver did not return. Upon restarting, Rinehimer, who was third, moved by Granger and, into the lead on lap five. Once in front, Rinehimer was not challenged as the event went non stop to the checkered flag. Rinehimer held a 1.782 second advantage over Hockenbrock of Paxinos. Timmy Bitner, Beech Creek, was third with Granger fourth. Bobby Sanso, Jersey Shore, was fifth. Completing the top ten were Dan Wertman, Kyler Stahl, Mitchel Holden, Hunter Zimmerman and, Tom Quiggle. Heat races for the 16 car field were won by Bittner and, Weaver.

Scott Lutz won an exciting Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA sprint car feature, his second win of the season at the 3/8th mile oval. During the post race interview Lutz stated, ” I want to thank my aunt and, uncle for allowing me to drive their cars all these years. This is our last year, the end of the season we’re done, so to come out and, win another one means a lot.” Lutz continued to thank his sponsors, some who have supported him during his entire 30 year career.

Lutz led all 25 laps of the feature and, enjoyed a 0.683 second advantage over Garrett Bard at the finish. On paper, that might seem significant, but Lutz had his own battles to contend with during the race. Lapped cars, some of which were engaged in their own side by side battles, were in front of the leader. The non stop affair, allowed Bard and, Ken Duke, Jr., who were involved in their own battle, to inch closer. Lutz was challenged, but perfect, as he collected the win. Following Bard and, Duke Jr., were Jake Frye and, Reed Thompson. Sixth through tenth were Ian Cumens, Jeff Weaver, Dylan Proctor, Dale Schweikart and, John Walp. Heat races for the 17 car field were won by Jared Zionkawski and, Lutz.

The Smith Excavating & Construction limited late models feature was another exciting affair. Middleburg’s Andrew Yoder drove the Stine Trucking, Windview Truck & Trailers/Strouse Electric no. 2 into the lead on lap ten after following Jersey Shore’s Joe Lusk from the start. While in the lead, Lusk survived two caution periods. The first which came for Gary Mellott and, Matt Cochran. Mellott’s night was finished but Cocran returned to secure a solid second place effort. Jim Yoder left the speedway on lap nine and, Joe Loffredo’s night concluded on lap 17. Yoder was flawless the rest of the way. Cochran moved from fourth to second place during lap 17 and, trailed the winner by 1.081 seconds at the finish. Lusk was third with Myerstown’s Devin Frey fourth. Kevin Probst was fifth. Sixth through ninth were Mike Smith, JR Toner, Loffredo and, Jennae Piper. DNF victims were Jim Yoder and, Mellott. Tim Luben did not compete after a viscous wreck left his racer in the wooded area outside turn three. The Mill Hall driver was not injured. Lusk and Andrew Yoder won heat races.

Action continues Friday August 30 with Championship Night for the 270 & 600 micro sprints, pro stocks, IMCA sprints and, limited late models. Track championships will be determined at that time. Gates open at 5 pm. with racing set for 7:30. The race day telephone number is (570)- 971-2126.

Clinton County Motor Speedway August 23, 2019 Race Results!
August 24, 2019
Lock Haven, PA-

TJ Shooters Sports Bar 12 Lap FWD 4 Cylinder Stock Car Championship Night-9 Entries

1. Adam Campbell, (2019 Track Champion), 2. Cody Stover, 3. John Bower, 4. Maddox Smith, 5. Greg Brouse, 6. Kevin Trimpey, 7. Mike Brouse, 8. Tim Raup. DNS- Nick Gentile.

Heat Race Winner, Raup. Lap Leader, Campbell, 1-12.

Smith Excavating & Construction 25 Lap Limited Late Model Feature-12 Entries

1. Andrew Yoder, 2. Matt Cochran, 3. Joe Lusk, 4. Devin Frey, 5. Kevin Probst, 6. Mike Smith, 7. JR Toner, 8. Joe Loffredo, 9. Jennae Piper. DNF- Jim Yoder, Gary Mellott. DSN- Tim Luben.

Heat Race Winners, Lusk, Andrew Yoder. Lap Leaders, Lusk, 1-9, Andrew Yoder, 10-25.

Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA 25 Lap Sprint Car Feature- 17 Entries

1. Scott Lutz, 2. Garrett Bard, 3. Ken Duke Jr., 4. Jake Frye, 5. Reed Thompson, 6. Ian Cumens, 7. Jeff Weaver, 8. Dylan Proctor, 9. Dale Schweikart, 10. John Walp, 11. Tylor Cochran, 12. Jared Zionkawski, 13. Dakota Schweikart, 14. Andrew Jacobus, 15. Dave Guss Jr. DNS- Cowboy Jim Kennedy, Mike Jackson.

Heat Race Winners, Zionkawski, Lutz. Lap Leader, Lutz, 1-25.

Weaver’s Radiator & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 15 Lap, 270 Micro Sprint Feature- 16 Entries

1. Denny Rinehimer, 2. Skeetz Hockenbrock, 3. Timmy Bittner, 4. Skyler Granger, 5. Bobby Sanso, 6. Dan Wertman, 7. Kyler Stahl, 8. Mitchel Holden, 9. Hunter Zimmerman, 10. Tom Quiggle, 11. Mathew Dixson, 12. Logan Hammaker, 13. John Hand, 14. Steve Fernburg. DNF- John Roberts, Jeff Weaver.

Heat Race Winners, Bittner, Weaver. Lap Leaders, Hockenbrock, 1-4, Rinehimer, 5-15.

Millers Automotive Machine Firecracker 20 Lap Pro Stock Feature- 16 Entries

1. AJ Stroup, 2. Ray Rothfuss, 3. Noah Jensen, 4. Tommy Dawson, 5. Nathan Stroup, 6. Wayne Shaffer, 7. John Zayjac, 8. Dan Condo, 9. Brad Myers, 10. Rich Fye, 11. Will Brunson. DNF- Robert Tressler, Ron Richter, Kevin VanAmburg, Chris Snyder, Randy Croop.

Heat Race Winners, AJ Stroup, Rothfuss. Lap Leaders, Rothfuss, 1-4, AJ Stroup, 5-20.