Gene Whritenour Wins First Ever Keystone 40 At Clinton County Motor Speedway!

September 22, 2019

Lock Haven, PA- They came from five states. An open set of rules, modified, to make everyone competitive. They raced. No, they ran the wheels off their racers. Race fans witnessed a throwback to a day long gone. Or is it?

After watching the Keystone 40 for Millers Automotive Machine pro stocks, it can be debated. The bumper was used. Tempers flared and, some old time stock car action took place. When it was over the state of New York owned bragging rights on what’s hoped will become an annual event at Clinton County Motor Speedway.

Glenn Whritenour of Jasper New York started second and, led the entire way to win the A-Main presented by Keystone Rail Recovery Services of Jersey Shore, PA. Whritenour’s margin of victory was deceptive, 4.604 seconds over second place finisher Kurt Stebbins.

Stebbins, from Wellsville, NY, fought all night just to get to the front of the A-Main. Battling a tight car, flat tires, wrecks and, numerous yellow flags, Stebbins managed to take his shots at Whritenour after several restarts. Whritenour withstood all challenges and went on to collect the $ 1,500 dollar win. AJ Stroup, Richfield, finished third. Jerry Lobdell Jr., Freeline, NY., was fourth and, Mickey Seeley, Lawrenceville, PA was fifth. Completing the top ten were John Zayjac, Cherry Hill, North Carolina, Robert Tressler, Lock Haven, Donald Russell, Jr., Owego, NY., and, Johnny Bouse, Hughesville.

Whritenour reflected on the night’s events during post race ceremonies. ” Thanks for the invite down. I know you guys worked your asses off getting this track ready and, it was a little wet at first but, you know what? it was a fun racetrack all night long. I kinda missed the set up in time trials, but, we nailed it in the heat and, we were just off and, could of been a little better in the feature, but, we had enough to get the job done.” Whritenour discussed competing against second place finisher Stebbins. ” Kurt was right there banging on the door and, there was a lot of clean racing at the front. Wherever Kurt and, I go we put on a good show. He’s a helluva of competitor and, runs a crate late model too so he’s here brushing up on his skills.”

Stebbins echoed some of Whritenour’s thoughts after the event. ” Me and Glenn put on a show anywhere we go. He’s a helluva competitor, I love racing against him. I told him back behind us wasn’t quite as clean. This is a fun track. It’s fun to come back. I wish we’d of done better but it is what it is and, we got what we got.”

Third place finisher Stroup also shared his thoughts. ” Before the last restart, I thought man, we have a little something for them. But, the top was getting too rough and, going around up there was the only place I had anything at all for them but, it wasn’t much of a chance. I started seventeenth and, told the guys, man, what are we doing here?, but, we pulled out a pretty good finish. ” Stroup concluded by thanking his crew and sponsors adding, ” this thing is consistently fast and, I’ve never had anything like it to drive.”

Stebbins won heat race one, sponsored by GFY Racing Supply, Avis, PA and, Abel Signs & Graphics, Bellefonte, PA. Heat race two, sponsored by Campbell Race Technologies of Danville, PA and, Carrs Powder Coating of Jersey Shore was won by Whritenour. Bouse won heat three, sponsored by Close Racing Supply in Eldred, PA and, Todd’s Auto Body, Lock Haven. Heat four sponsored by CVR Motorsports of Mill Hall, PA, went to Lobdell, Jr.

B-Main winners were Dustin Hoffman, McAlisterville, PA and, Seeley.

The last chance race was won by Brett Crawford, Corning NY. Crawford elected to fore-go his $ 150 dollar prize and start on the rear of the A-Main, where he eventually finished sixteenth.

Stebbins set fast time receiving the Close Racing Supply of Eldred, PA award.

The Rothfuss Race Cars of Watsontown, Hard Charger Award went to Seeley after advancing thirteen spots.

Speedway management wishes to thank race organizer and, driver Kevin VanAmburg for his efforts in putting the event together. VanAmburg was assisted and, supported by Keystone Rail Recovery Services President Russ Clark of Knoxville, Tennessee. A former resident of Jersey Shore, Clark’s company supported the event and, hopes to make it bigger and, better in future years.

Keystone Rail Recovery specializes in relay and scrap railroad materials. The firm purchases, sorts, refurbishes, resurfaces and returns suitable rail to railroads. Unusable material is recycled for scrap use in steel making production. They’re located in Jersey Shore, PA at 96 Railyard Drive. Phone calls reach them at (865)-567-2166. A Facebook page is also maintained.

The Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA sprint cars were also on the card. Lyndell, PA driver Ian Cumens put on a driving clinic, blasting around the lightning fast top side to pick up the win. The IMCA cars were flirting with the twelve second barrier during qualifying events. Cumens started fourth and, followed Linden driver Dale Schweikart for one lap before going out front for good. Dylan Proctor came from fifth starting spot to finish second. The Lock Haven driver was followed by Ken Duke, Jr., of Selinsgrove, who finished third. Champion Scott Lutz, Jonestown was fourth and, Schweikart, Linden, PA, fifth. Sixth through tenth were Jeff Weaver, Reed Thompson, Dave Guss, Cowboy Jim Kennedy and, Tylor Cochran. Heat races were won by Cochran and, Proctor.

The Weaver’s Radiator & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 270 micro sprint feature was won by Paxinos driver Skeetz Hockenbrock. It was Hockenbrock’s first win of the season. Denny Rinehimer was second followed by Mitchel Hiolden, Timmy Bitner and, Hunter Zimmerman. Jerrod Heil was sixth with Jay Coder seventh. The remainder of the field failed to finish the event. Rinehimer and Jeff Weaver won qualifiers.

Action continues Saturday October 5 when the Nittany 50 for super late models will be presented. The winning driver earns $ 5,000 dollars. The starting time and remainder of the program will be announced shortly. Pro stocks will be on the card.

Information will be available on the speedways web-site and, Facebook pages shortly. Camping is welcome on the grounds during the October 5 weekend. Price per spot is $ 25 dollars and, includes water, sewer and, use of dump station. Spaces are first come, first serve. The race day phone number is (570)-971-2126.

Keystone 40 Race Results Plus 270 Micro’s & Sprint Cars, September 20, 2019
September 22, 2019
Lock Haven, PA

September 21, 2019

Keystone 40 Lap Millers Automotive Machine Pro Stock Feature Presented By Keystone Rail Recovery Services Of Jersey Shore, PA-37 Entries, 22 Start A Main

1. Glenn Whritenour, 2. Kurt Stebbins, 3. AJ Stroup, 4. Jerry Lobell, Jr., 5. Mickey Seeley, 6. Tommy Dawson. DNF- John Zayjac, Robert Tressler, Donald Russell, Jr., Johnny Bouse, Ray Rothfuss, Jason Ammons, A.Y. Schilling, Jason Smith, Brad Myers, Brett Crawford, Bradley Benton, Randy Croop, Noah Jensen, Dustin Hoffman, Doug Stack Jr., Dan Condo.

Lap Leader- Whritenour led all laps.

Heat Race Winners, Stebbins, Whritenour, Bouse, Lobdell Jr.,

B Main Winners, Hoffman, (1), Seeley, (2).

Last Chance Non Qualifiers Race Winner, Crawford.

DNS A Main- Mike Williams, Peanut Heintzleman, Rich Anderson, Brandon Moseer, JohnSchoch, John Troxell, Adam Pletcher, Sam McAdams, Kurt Wray, Marc Bitler, Cory Long, Dennis Cummings, Kevin VanAmburg, Scott Dunham, Jr., Lon Savage Jr.

Time Trials, 1. Kurt Stebbins, 16.789, 2. Jason Ammons, 16.962, 3. Robert Tressler, 17.015, 4. Jerry Lobdell Jr., 17.191, 5. John Zayjac, 17.239, 6. Glenn Whritenour, 17.331, 7. Johnny Bouse, 17.445, 8. Brad Myers, 17.506, 9. Randy Croop, 17.547, 10. Jason Smith, 17.557, 11. A.Y. Schilling, 17.578, 12. Mike Williams, 17.590, 13. Noah Jensen, 17.632, 14. Brett Crawford, 17.638, 15. Ray Rothfuss, 17.693, 16. Tommy Dawson, 17.719, 17. Peanut Heintzelman, 17.803, 18. AJ Stroup, 17.826, 19. Donald Russell Jr., 17.879. 20. Doug Stack, Jr., 17.953, 21. Rich Anderson, 18.125, 22. Dan Condo, 18.152, 23. Brandon Moseer, 18.231, 24. John Schooch, 18.257, 25. John Troxell, 18.288, 26. Dustin Hoffman, 18.405, 27. Adam Pletcher, 18.415, 28. Bradley Benton, 18.415, 29. Sam Mcadams, 18.457, 30. Kurt Wray, 18.474, 31. Mickey Seeley, 18.540, 32. Marc Bitler, 18.636, 33. Cory Long, 18.676, 34. Dennis Cummings, 18.687, 35. Kevin VanAmburg, 18.815, 36. Scott Dunham, 19.298, 37. Lon Savage Jr., No Time.

Gary’s Motor Mart/Laurel Highlands IMCA 20 Lap Sprint Car Feature- 13 Entries

1. Ian Cumens, 2. Dylan Proctor, 3. Ken Duke, Jr., 4. Scott Lutz, 5. Dale Schweikart, 6. Jeff Weaver, 7. Reed Thompson, 8. Dave Guss, Jr., 9. Cowboy Jim Kennedy. DNF- Tylor Cochran, Garrett Bard, Mike Yonkowskie, Dakota Schweikart.

Heat Race Winners, Cochran, Proctor.

Lap Leaders, Dale Schweikart, 1, Cumens, 2-20.

Weaver’s Radiator & Auto Sales/Jay Coder Excavating & Trucking 15 Lap 270 Micro Sprint Feature-11 Entries

1. Skeetz Hockenbrock, 2. Denny Rinehimer, 3. Michael Holden, 4. Timmy Bitner, 5. Hunter Zimmerman, 6. Jerrod Heil, 7. Jay Coder. DQ- Jeff Weaver, DNF, Kyler Stahl, Mathew Dixson, Kris Stahl.

Heat Race Winners, Rinehimer, Weaver.

Lap Leader, Hockenbrock, 1-15.

Coming Saturday October 5 Nittany 50 for Super Late Models, $ 5,000 to win plus other divisions to be announced. Starting time and, additional information will be released shortly!